Argus Property

1988 Heap Leach Amenability of Argus Ore

1989 Argus Program and Budgets

1989 Hembree Queenstake Resource Report

1991 Argus Technical Review for Cantrell Resources


The Argus property (Davenport Mine) is located in the Argus Mountain Range of Inyo County, California, 12 miles west of the Briggs project operated by Atna Resources.

Since 1981 the property has been explored and drilled by the following companies: Queenstake Resources, Tenneco Minerals and Anaconda Minerals.

The district is situated within Middle to Late Jurassic granites and granodiorites which form the core of the Argus mountain range. Epithermal gold mineralization followed emplacement of the alkali granites and associated mafics in the Middle to Late Miocene. The mineralization consists of epithermal oxide silicic stockworks, quartz-wallrock breccia vein deposits with Au: Ag ratios of 40:1. The mineralized zones are controlled by steeply dipping fault zones associated with a porphyritic diorite dike which intruded the earlier igneous units.

The ore deposits are highly oxidized to depths of 500 to +700 feet below the surface, approximately corresponding to the local water table.

Bulldozer and backhoe trenching on the eastern part of the Davenport mine ore zone extended the known resources several hundred feet to the East, with the mineralization still open in this direction. Four trenches cut on this section give 55 feet of .106 opt, 39 feet of .106 opt, 45 feet of .117 opt, and 35 feet of .159 opt gold. Four random chip channel samples taken on the vein trend between 50 and 200 feet East of the 55 foot trench gave assays of from .034 to .104 opt gold over five foot widths.

Queenstake Resources internal report in 1988 states the Davenport mine had a mineral inventory of MI&I of 468,160 tons at .074 opt gold for 34,688 ounces of gold.